Top 5 Best Free Video Editing Apps for mobile in 2022

Right Now, The creator economy in India is booming. Everyone wants to share good photos or videos on social media, if we talk about photos, there are a lot of free apps on the play store for editing photos, we will know about this in the coming blogs, but if we talk about video editing, then mostly In video editing software, you will be able to export only on a watermark or low resolution, but today I am gonna tell you the names of 5 such applications in which you can export full hd videos and in some applications, you can also export 4k resolution. In this application, you do not even get to see any kind of watermark, in some applications you can remove a watermark by watching ads. in some applications, you do not have any restrictions on the timeline, you can export the video as long as you want. All these applications are very unique, so read them completely and if you also want to do video editing, then definitely try it once.

1.) Splice - Splice is an Italian app and it means to cut. Desktop level pro editing is done in this app, in this, you get to see many resolution formats like insta reels, yt reels, mobile screens, and many more resolutions format have been given in addition to this. If we talk about video editing, then you will be able to do all the things that should be done in a video editing app like trimming, title, photos, music, transitions, effects, etc. I liked the best feature of this app is that in this you can export videos in 4k resolution without any watermark.

Splice app (76MB) -

2.) Video Editor - The glitch effect is very popular in video editing because these effects take your video to the next level. The name of this app is video editing but glitch effect editing is done very well in this app. In this, you have been given a lot of glitch effects, along with this you can also add music, it has the same interface as all other video editing apps, which will make it very easy for you. This app is also of very less MB, so it is quite a fun app to see once using it.

Video Editor app (38MB) -

3.) Vidma - If we talk about the Vidma app, then it is only 16 MB but a lot more features have been given to it. In this app, you have been given all the basic features of editing, as well as it has transitions, filters, and many effects. Another good feature of the vidma application I liked is that even after so much work of MB, it can export video in 4k resolution without any watermark, so if you want to do video editing then this is the best application for you.

Vidma app (16MB) -

4.) Videoleap - Videoleap application is a little more MB but some features have also been added which is not seen in others. The interface of this app is also simple like all other editing apps and it also has all the features which were in other editing apps like trim, transition, special effects, background music, etc. But in this, another tool has been added which is called Chroma Tools, which can remove the background green screen. Videoleap app also has a multiple resolution format for different screens and you can also export videos without any watermark. If you using Chroma Tool,then definitely use this app once.

Videoleap app (79MB) -

5.) Canva - With this app, you can edit photos as well as you can edit videos as well. This app was earlier on the web but they have also launched the app so that you can edit the photos, and videos as well. The best thing about Canva is that there are a lot of free templates and images available, which you can use in your videos. Through this app, you can directly share your video photos on your social media or you can also export your videos. you need to try this once.

Canva app (33MB) -