Top 5 Best Photo Editing Apps for mobile

In today's time, there is a lot of craze for social media among us. Everyone likes more and more likes, shares, and comments on their photos and videos, for which you need editing software to give a good look to your photos and videos. About 5 software for video editing has been told in the earlier blogs, which you can check out. But today we are going to tell about 5 such photo editing apps which are unique in themselves and can make your photo more attractive by editing it. All these apps are available on the play store, and the last, I will also tell about a bonus app which is a popular app for special text editing.

1.) Lightroom -above lightroom is a free application, it is the best application for professional photo editing. This application for editing photos has a built-in camera feature that can take photos in RAW through your smartphone where you can edit the exposure, and aperture, and use other manual features. The app also has filters for adding various effects which can be applied with one tap to edit pictures. The premium version of this app has more advanced features like a healing brush, selective adjustments, cloud storage, RAW image editing of DSLR photos, and more.

Lightroom app-

2.) Snapseed -Snapseed is a photo editing app from Google. This is a very professional app, you can guess from it that both JPEG and RAW photos can be edited in this app. In this app, you have been given 29 + tools and filters, using which you can make very attractive photos. Some of the outstanding features of Snapseed are healing brush, structure, HDR, perspective, etc. The only disadvantage of editing in Snapseed is its gesture-based tools which are quite challenging to use for first-time users.

Snapseed app-

3.) Photo Editor Pro -This application can also be called all one app because in this app you can do all the things that you can do in other different apps. In this app, you have been given 500+ stylish effects, face tunes, photo collage, blur photos, filters, Grids, Change background & beauty plus tools with the help of which you can edit a good photo. Apart from this, Photo Backgrounds Eraser & AI Cutout Tool has been given, with the help of which you can remove unwanted things from any photo.

Photo Editor Pro app-

4.) Enlight Pixaloop -This application is in a way you can call aftereffect because you can convert your still photo into motion video with the help of this app. You must have seen many times on Instagram, and Facebook that someone is holding the tea in his hand and steam is coming out of the tea or a couple is standing in the photo, the leaves are falling from the trees with lightning, you can edit this kind of photo. . 1000 + Filters and Effects have been given in this app, by which you can edit different types of photos. If you also want to edit such photos, then you must use this app once.

Enlight Pixaloop app-

5.) VSCO - Text on Pictures -If you do not have much knowledge of photo editing then this app is very useful for you. In this app (VSCO), you were given a lot of filters so that you can edit any type of photo in one tap without using any third-party apps. Along with this, you can also use it as a little lightroom. But if you're into serious editing, you can use the manual adjustment tools. The adjustment tool includes, but is not limited to crop, exposure, clarity, contrast, sharpen, straighten, saturation, and shadow save. The editing tools include the option to add contrast, grain, saturation, and more.

VSCO app -

Bonus app to Text Editing

1.) PixelLab - Text on Pictures -Pixel Lab is a very popular application, especially for text editing. In this app, you have been given 150+ stylish fonts, using which you can make your photos, banners, or thumbnails more attractive. Along with this, you can also do normal photo editing in this app. This application is one of the best apps because I use this app specially to write text on my thumbnails. If you also like to write text on thumbnails or your photo, then definitely use this app once.

PixelLab app -