10 software should be learned Every YouTuber/Video Creator :

In today's date, YouTube is a very big way to earn money for all video creators. There are lakhs of such creators in India who are living a good life by earning good money from YouTube and there are lakhs of such creators who are working day and night to make a career on YouTube, but they do not kno

Most Useful Shortcuts for Pc/Laptop ( Windows ) :

Today we are going to talk about some such shortcuts that you must know if you use Windows laptop/desktop. But before that, we will know what is Windows.

10 Best Website for Download Free Pc Softweres

Computer or mobile without software, it is just a box. If we want to do any extra work in it, then the software is needed by which we install and do our work. For whatever work we want to do on a computer, we get the software, which we download from the Internet and install it on our computer.

Top 5 Best Free Video Editing Apps for mobile in 2022

today I am gonna tell you the names of 5 such applications in which you can export full HD videos and in some applications, you can also export 4k resolution. In this application, you do not even get to see any kind of watermark, in some applications you can remove watermark by watching ads.

Top 5 Best Photo Editing Apps for mobile 2022

today we are going to tell about 5 such photo editing apps that are unique in themselves and can make your photo more attractive by editing it. All these apps are available on the play store, and the last, I will also tell about a bonus app which is a popular app for special text editing.